1) Any license or permit is responsibility of customer. Please make sure that all city. state, and local municipality rules are followed. Also park district and/or forest preserve arrangements must be made in advance. This also includes event insurance if applicable.

2) If the event is on your property, surrounding neighbors, businesses, etc. should have a heads up. It is just common courtesy, and will prevent ‘THAT’ person from complaining to the police, forcing a premature shutdown of your celebration.

3) Weather is not only a comfort concern, it is also a safety concern. A DJ has literally THOUSANDS of dollars worth of electronic equipment. Rain can come with no warning, and there is no time to cover or move said equipment. Therefore, some type of shelter must be provided, whether it is a tent, canopy, etc. There is usually no time for a plan ‘B’.

4) Temperature is also a concern. Below 60 degrees is too chilly for people to have a good time, and above 90 and humid may affect equipment.

5) Electrical access must be run to within 50 feet of DJ setup area. A generator is customer responsibility, or one can be provided at extra charge with previous arrangement.

6) DJ set up area should be on a stage, platform, paved area, or easily accessible flat, level grass.