It's really not about  price, it's about choice  and what you need. In the case of hiring a DJ, like anything else, the lowest price is not always the best deal, as it may not be what you need or want.

If you need an electrician, some person may say 300 bucks, and another may say they'll do it for $150. When that person shows up in a beat up, rusty' 79 Blazer with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.. well... Maybe extreme, but nonetheless..

One size does NOT fit all. If someone showed up  to your 300 person gala with the same setup as for a 40 person backyard barbeque, you'd be pretty upset, and rightfully so.

That's why choice and experience are so important. Being a DJ is a lot of work. Providing 3 or 4 hours of music at your party is a full day of work, not counting thousands of dollars in equipment, music, experience, etc. That equipment doesn't fit in the trunk of a ford Focus, so an SUV/minvian must be owned and maintained. It is a service oriented business.



up to 4 hours or background/listening
small 2 speaker sound system


up to 5 hours music.... cocktail/dinner mix incl.
basic mood lighting and party effects
larger 2 speaker sound system

PREMIUM - $450

up to 6 hours music total
mood  and party light effects
richer, more powerful 4 speaker sound system
props and party toys


8' screen
video projector